Allergy Information

It’s only fair that as many people as possible get to enjoy the bliss of eating cake! So we’ve developed some truly delicious free-from options for those with dietary requirements, allergies or preferences. We use organic and tasty alternative ingredients to ensure your cake can be the best it can be.

Gluten Free: For those who require Gluten Free ingredients look for (GF)

Contains Nuts: Ingredients include nuts and are not suitable for those with nut allergies (N)

Vegan: Look for our suitable for Vegan indicator (Ve)

We are happy to say at April’s Baker we offer gluten-free and vegan cakes! For free-from wedding and larger cakes, please enquire and we will respond within 48 hours to your query. You can also view our flavour list to see our current available free-from options.

All of our cakes specify containing gluten, nuts and dairy or being free-from. For those with severe allergies, we do not offer products as all cakes and foods may contain traces of these ingredients.